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James Annett: Viola
Mark Molnar: Cello

They are trying to tap into the edges of their sense of music to give voice to all of the resistant inclinations that are chaotic, crooked, and a little bit fucked-up. Hopefully, this will be a way of shedding some light and working through all of the hard edges that are usually air-brushed out of the world to make way for spangly products that might defer our attention away from confronting the tension and complication of unpacking the barbed and rusted out hulls of our inherited culture's dead end promises. Short term answers to long term problems are lies. It is time to get down to work.



Having spent years in the same circles, descending on the same ideas, and sharing the same enthusiasm for music, James Annett and Mark Molnar have been playing together since 2012.

James is a violist currently based in Montreal. His music explores the intersections between diverse styles of music including jazz, experimental, rock and folk music in an improvisational setting. He has performed alongside Ellwood Epps, Eric Chenaux and Rainer Wiens, as well as in myriad ad hoc co-operative bands. He performs regularly at events and festivals in Canada including the Mardi Spaghetti and IMOO concert series in Montreal and Ottawa. Recent activities include workshops at the Banff Centre and at SIM New York where he studied privately with the violists Mat Maneri and Eyvind Kang. He has also studied privately with violinists Josh Zubot and Malcolm Goldstein.

Mark Molnar is an Ottawa based instrumentalist that has played strings and electronics with Kingdom Shore, ¼ Tonne Spike Pitcher, in duos with Eric Craven, Craig Pedersen, and James Annett, and erhu and rebab in Gamelan Semara Winangun. He is the founder of Black Bough Records, the co-organizer and co-curator of the Pleasure Through Sound Festival and Music Series with Nathan Medema and Ross Birdwise, and has been a founding member of the Ottawa/Hull music association SulPont. He has written music for the Quasar Saxaphone Quartet (Montreal) and the Thin Edge Music Collective (Toronto).