Live Shows

06.09.14 - Montreal - Big Brave "Feral Verdure" album launch, with 1/4 Tonne Embouteillage (Eric Craven, Nick Keupfer, and Mark Molnar), at La Vitrola - 9:30pm

04.09.14 - Cornwall - Mark Molnar, with Hello Babies, at TBA- 9:00pm

30.08.14 - Montreal - H. de Heutz, with Feefawfum, and Crabe, at Brasserie Beaubien - 9:30pm

14.08.14 - Montreal - 1/4 Tonne (Eric Craven, Nick Keupfer, and Mark Molnar), Just'Au Crane (Alexandre St.Onge and Jonathan Parant), Maggot Breeder, Eric Boivin + Four Thousand Blackbirds + Dominic F. Marceau, Steve Bates, and DJ Kali, at Casa del Popolo - 8:30pm

09.08.14 - Ottawa - H. de Heutz, with Lido Pimienta, and Mas Aya, at Mugshots - 9:00pm

26.07.14 - Ottawa - H. de Heutz, The White Cube, Mark Molnar (solo cello), at Pressed Cafe - 8pm, ALL AGES, $8 or pwyc

10.07.14 - Ottawa - Ze Bib!, Mark Molnar (solo cello), and David Jackson (electronics and guitar), at Black Squirrel Books II - 2pm - 8pm, ALL AGES, $8 or pwyc

08.07.14 - Montreal - Mark Molnar and Craig Pedersen, at Mardi Spaghetti, at Le Cagibi - 8pm, ALL AGES, $8 or pwyc

06.07.14 - Ottawa - IMOO #105, trio of David Jensenius, Craig Pedersen, and Mark Molnar, at Umi Cafe - 7pm, ALL AGES, $8 or pwyc

29.06.14 - Montreal - H. de Heutz, Lathe, and Eric Craven/Mark Molnar, at Casa del Popolo - 9pm, $8 or pwyc

28.06.14 - Ottawa - H. de Heutz, Lathe, and David Broscoe, at Black Squirrel Books - 8pm, ALL AGES, $8 or pwyc

27.06.14 - Kingston - H. de Heutz, Lathe, and Image Repertoire, at the Artel in Kingston - Benefit for the Sleepless Goat - 8pm, ALL AGES, $8 or pwyc

25.06.14 - Montreal -Amute (from Belgium), and 1/4 Tonne Spike Pitcher at Casa del Popolo

20.06.14 - Ottawa - Amute (from Belgium), and 1/4 Tonne Spike Pitcher at The Avant Garde Bar (Besserer Street.)

25.05.14 - Toronto - Dave Clark (drums) + Bennett Bedoukian (drums) + Mark Molnar (cello) at The Transac from 10:00pm-12:00am with Steve Ward

24.05.14 - Hamilton - Dave Clark (drums) + Bennett Bedoukian (drums) + Mark Molnar (cello) at Havn (26 Barton Street E.)

23.05.14 - Guelph - Dave Clark (drums) + Bennett Bedoukian (drums) + Mark Molnar (cello) at Silence (46 essex St.)

17.05.14- Jonquierre - Mark Molnar (solo cello) as part of Le Festival des Musiques de Création.

17.04.14 - Montreal - James Annet (viola) and Mark Molnar (cello) at La Poele (5334 de Gaspe, Studio #307; Doors at 6:30pm/MUSIC AT 7:00pm sharp, $10 contribution volontaire suggéré; BYOB

05.04.14- Ottawa - Mark Molnar, supporting Processor (from Toronto), and Topon Das at Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone), music at 8pm, $8.00.

29.03.14- Kingston - Mark Molnar, with Old Haunt, and A Cat Named Wolf at The Sleepless Goat (part of the month-long Soup Program Fundraiser), music at 8pm, $10.00 or pay what you can.

28.03.14- Montreal - 1/4 Tonne Spike Pitcher (Eric Craven, Nick Keupfer, and Mark Molnar) with Old Haunt, and Lungbutter at La Plante, music at 9pm, $8.00 or pay what you can.

27.03.14- Montreal - H. de Heutz with Ought, Ylang Ylang, and the White Cube at Casa del Popolo, music at 8:30pm, $8.00 or pay what you can.

09.12.13- Kingston - Mark Molnar and Craig Pedersen supporting Seeger and Seeger at The Artel Gallery, music at 9:00pm, admission is $5-$10 or pay what you can.

22.11.13- Peterborough - Mark Molnar (solo cello) supporting the golden men of industry that are Hello Babies!, Toque, and Kelly Michael and the Gloss, at The Spill (414 George St. North), music at 9:30pm, admission is $5-$10 or pay what you can.

22.11.13- Montreal - Mark Molnar (solo cello) supporting Old Haunt, You Yourself & I, at Le Cagibi (5490 boul St. Laurent at Rue Saint Viateur). music at 8:30pm, admission is ALL AGES and $7-$10 suggested scale.

20.10.13- Ottawa - Mark Molnar (solo cello), with Saturnfly: Marion and Stephane Arthur-Kiss (ambient cello & guitar), and the Solina String Ensemble: Matt Morel (cello & electronics) - at Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone Avenue). Admission is by donation. - Event presented by Bow And Arrow [Ottawa's Contemporary Chamber Music Series]. - NOTE: This is an afternoon show, and will be from 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

19.10.13- Kingston - Kingdom Shore at the TONE DEAF FESTIVAL with Ensemble Supermusique, and Happiness is...

22.09.13- Kingston - H. de Heutz, Mark Molnar, with Janek Polsaki, and Firemoss, at The Artel- Music at 8pm Sharp - ALL AGES

20.09.13- Montreal - H. de Heutz, Mark Molnar, with LUNGBUTTER at La Plante - Music at 8pm Sharp $7.00 or Pay What You Can - ALL AGES

19.09.13- Ottawa - H. de Heutz, Mark Molnar, with Scattered Clouds, and Processor at Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone Avenue), Music at 7:30pm, $10.00 - ALL AGES

08.09.13 - Ottawa - Mark Molnar (solo cello), and David Jackson (guitar, pedals, square waves, computer) at The Black Tomato (11 George Street) - $Pay what you can

04.09.13 - Montreal - Esmerine, Matana Roberts, Kingdom Shore at Sala Rossa - $15 in advance

03.09.13 - Ottawa - Esmerine, Matana Roberts, Kingdom Shore at First Baptist Church (140 Laurier Street - at Elgin) - $15 in advance

17.08.13 - Ottawa - H. de Heutz - Arboretum Festival - Club SAW Courtyard (67 Nicholas Street) - 8:15pm ALL AGES










Kingdom Shore

H. de Heutz

Mark Molnar

Eric Craven and Mark Molnar

James Annett and Mark Molnar

Wolf Edwards



Spring 2014

Time to take things out of the cold cellar and give them some light.

7" release for H. de Heutz in the pipeline. It is a thing of beauty where the content has necessitated the form.

H. de Heutz - Tomorrow It Should Be Fine/Z land



Upcoming single malts and short sprints of shows through to the early days of summer swelter:

- H. de Heutz
- 1/4 Tonne Spike Pitcher (Eric Craven on drums/skateboard/guitar, Nick Keupfer on tape-loops/guitar, and Mark Molnar on cello/electronics)
- duo of Eric Craven (drums/skateboard/electronics/guitar) + Mark Molnar (cello/electronics/loops)
- duo of James Annett (viola) and Mark Molnar (cello)
- trio of Bennett Bedoukian (drums) + Dave Clark (drums) + Mark Molnar (cello)
- and solo shows by Mark Molnar (cello and electronics)



Winter 2013

New duo project between James Annett and Mark Molnar is up and running.



Eric Craven (drummer/percussionist of Hanged Up, HRSTA Rock Band, and Shortwave) runs a fantastic tape label called DROPHEAD that is consistently endeavouring to document his music, projects, and collaborations. DROPHEAD has released a tape of working sketches in collaboration with Black Bough Records. The tape is called Une Gnoble en Feu. The cover art is by Jeremy Gordaneer. There are two different covers. This is a document of a start toward something more. Check it out.



Here is a small sample of Eric and Mark live at the Avant Garde Bar in Ottawa, Ontario on October 26th, 2007, while they were grinding the gears and getting this thing up and running.



Eric's DROPHEAD has also released a fantastic project called 1/4 TONNE OVERHAUL, which features Nick Keupfer on guitar, live reel to reel loops, field recordings, gardening, and Eric Craven on drums, amplified percussion, loops, and libraries. Mark Molnar plays cello on the track ‘ulna nerve hoot’.

Check out the trailer and follow the link to the website to order a copy:



Mark Molnar will be performing solo through the diminishing winter light. See side bar below right for show details.

Kingdom Shore mixing and preparing a 12" and a 7" for late spring. Mark Molnar will have a solo album out in late spring. H.deHeutz is mixing and gathering momentum on several fronts. A recording of Wolf Edwards's string music is in the recording stages now.

sound samples from each here: BLACKBOUGHMUSIC

IMOO has released a CD entitled "Other People's Art", which features the music of trumpeter Craig Pedersen. The music is a bastard relative of a fantatic record that Craig put out with his quartet, called "Why Paint At All?". This IMOO V3 cd features Craig Pedersen (trumpet, slide trumpet, and piccolo trumpet), along with David Broscoe (bassoon, horns, reeds, cans, and electronics), and Scott Warren (drums, perscussion, tape loops, feedback, and electronics), and Mark Molnar (cello, electronics, and loops). More information and sample sounds here:



Fall 2013

H. de Heutz, and Mark Molnar - shows on deck in Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal.

Kingdom Shore - shows in Ottawa, Montreal, and Kingston.

All dates announced and more tumbling out soon as the cold rolls in and the birds flee toward the equator.

Shows with Matana Roberts and Esmerine's Dalmak band were a pleasure, an honour, and were wonderful evenings of generosity and enthusiasm from many who were kind enough to attend and then reach out in appreciation.

Thank you to Max, Radwan, Ian, Becky, and Graham, for the hard work, understanding, perseverence, respect, and generosity.