Kingdom Shore


Kingdom Shore


On record, Kingdom Shore is Mark Molnar (4 violins, 2 violas, and 2 cellos), and live they are Nathan Medema (pedals, found-sounds and field recordings, laptop, electronics, samples, processing), and Simon Guibord (laptop, electronics, Korg MS-20, real-time processing), Ryan Hough (violin and electronics), Jasmine Landau (violin and electronics), Gerg Horvath (Double-Bass and electronics), and Mark Molnar (cello, loops, and electronics).

Dear friends, hawsers holding fast on the grim perimeters of this pinchbeck holding company, Kingdom Shore was formed in the ruck and warrens of March 2006, beneath the long shadows cast by the punk rock that grew out of 1980’s hardcore, avant and art rock, electro-acoustic music, noise, old world Gospel, and contemporary and left-field music, to take turns at watch so that we may fail well to stave off the malevolent, the narrow of heart, the analogue tastemakers, the dissociate, the ruder forms that survive slackjawed and willfully ignorant at hoarse latitudes, to take pleasure in twilight, to rejoice in waves standing at 19Hz, to refuse the world as a justification of interests in a strategy of slaughter as sold to us, to defy the open nerve of dispossession, to hum quietly among the hares at free elections under threat of the gun, to resist inheriting numbness, to give back what little we have received that is good, to rise up and get down, and to draw toward the hearth those who know that the light in this world is not its final ash, and that if you believed in anything, you could not kill another.

This is not a bid for relevance. This is not modern. This is not chamber music. Museums are for education, and active forgetting, and are not prisons for the children we are and are ours. It is too soon to relegate ours goals to incompleteness. There is so much left to do. Despair young and never look back. Bend closer children. Let us go.






Kingdom Shore - ...and all the dogs to shark






...and all the dogs to shark


180 gram vinyl cut from a metal master - Available - $20USD + Postage

CD - reliable digital artifact - Available - $12USD + Postage

Digital Edition - Available - $8USD