- Spring 2016 -

DUSK SCORED DARK will be heading out on a short tour with one of our heroes, ELMS, and following that up with a recording for a debut record in the Fall of 2016.

HORSEMAN, PASS BY. has finished recording a debut record, which will be released in the Fall of 2016. They will be touring in June with Tatsuya Nakatani.

Mark Molnar will be performing an acoustic solo set opening for SAM SHALABI + STEFAN CHRISTOFF at the Gallery Recording Studio.

All dates for upcoming shows are listed here.

More releases to be announced soon.





Spring 2015 -

The H. de Heutz 2-track 7" record - "Study for Violence and Tape" is out now, and can be ordered here.

H. de Heutz will be playing live, on the radio, at the Mighty 93.1FM on CKCU under the discerning eyes and ears of Dave Aardvark from 13h00-14h00 on January 29th.

They will also be playing at Black Squirrel Books 2 with Peterborough's resident swelling hearts and estranged left-field minds Hello Babies, and Aube on January 31st.


Craig Pedersen (trumpet) - Joe Morris (guitar) - Mark Molnar (cello)

The trio will be touring together in late February and early March in Ontario and Quebec. All dates here.


- Fall 2014 -


H. de Heutz - 2-track 7" record - "Study for Violence and Tape"

featuring: Tomorrow It Should Be Fine/Z land


H. de Heutz - 2-track 7" - "Study for Violence and Tape" is available now in Releases for Pre-Order. Orders will be shipped out to attempt to accomodate their arrival at the same time. Release date is September 1st, 2014. More info here.


To help usher these into our community, and beyond, the band will be playing a series of shows through the fall. The first of these will be release shows:

30.08.14 - Montreal - 7" RELEASE SHOW for H. de Heutz, with Feefawfum, and Crabe, at Brasserie Beaubien - 9:30pm

29.08.14 - Hull - 7" RELEASE SHOW for H. de Heutz, with Feefawfum, and Awa, at Le Temporaire - 8:30pm, $8.00 or PWYC. All Ages


1/4 Tonne shows in August and September in Montreal.


Thin Edge Music Collective will premiere a new piece by Mark Molnar for 2 pianos, percussion, saxaphone, and violin on November 6th, 2014. More details to come.

More shows rolling foward into the ellipsis of descending snow. More releases gathering mass and form for their content; and again, forward,- always forward.

Web Shop for releases is up and running, and other releases from our community, will be up shortly.

Thank you for your support.



- Spring 2014 -

Time to take things out of the cold cellar and give them some light.

7" release for H. de Heutz in the pipeline. It is a thing of beauty where the content has necessitated the form.


Upcoming single malts and short sprints of shows through to the early days of summer swelter:

- H. de Heutz
- 1/4 Tonne Spike Pitcher (Eric Craven on drums/skateboard/guitar, Nick Keupfer on tape-loops/guitar, and Mark Molnar on cello/electronics)
- duo of Eric Craven (drums/skateboard/electronics/guitar) + Mark Molnar (cello/electronics/loops)
- duo of James Annett (viola) and Mark Molnar (cello)
- trio of Bennett Bedoukian (drums) + Dave Clark (drums) + Mark Molnar (cello)
- and solo shows by Mark Molnar (cello and electronics)



Winter 2013

New duo project between James Annett and Mark Molnar is up and running.



Eric Craven (drummer/percussionist of Hanged Up, HRSTA Rock Band, and Shortwave) runs a fantastic tape label called DROPHEAD that is consistently endeavouring to document his music, projects, and collaborations. DROPHEAD has released a tape of working sketches in collaboration with Black Bough Records. The tape is called Une Gnoble en Feu. The cover art is by Jeremy Gordaneer. There are two different covers. This is a document of a start toward something more. Check it out.



Here is a small sample of Eric and Mark live at the Avant Garde Bar in Ottawa, Ontario on October 26th, 2007, while they were grinding the gears and getting this thing up and running.



Eric's DROPHEAD has also released a fantastic project called 1/4 TONNE OVERHAUL, which features Nick Keupfer on guitar, live reel to reel loops, field recordings, gardening, and Eric Craven on drums, amplified percussion, loops, and libraries. Mark Molnar plays cello on the track ‘ulna nerve hoot’.

Check out the trailer and follow the link to the website to order a copy:



Mark Molnar will be performing solo through the diminishing winter light.

Kingdom Shore mixing and preparing a 12" and a 7" for late spring. Mark Molnar will have a solo album out in late spring. H.deHeutz is mixing and gathering momentum on several fronts. A recording of Wolf Edwards's string music is in the recording stages now.

sound samples from each here: BLACKBOUGHMUSIC

IMOO has released a CD entitled "Other People's Art", which features the music of trumpeter Craig Pedersen. The music is a bastard relative of a fantatic record that Craig put out with his quartet, called "Why Paint At All?". This IMOO V3 cd features Craig Pedersen (trumpet, slide trumpet, and piccolo trumpet), along with David Broscoe (bassoon, horns, reeds, cans, and electronics), and Scott Warren (drums, perscussion, tape loops, feedback, and electronics), and Mark Molnar (cello, electronics, and loops). More information and sample sounds here:



Fall 2013

H. de Heutz, and Mark Molnar - shows on deck in Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal.

Kingdom Shore - shows in Ottawa, Montreal, and Kingston.

All dates announced and more tumbling out soon as the cold rolls in and the birds flee toward the equator.

Shows with Matana Roberts and Esmerine's Dalmak band were a pleasure, an honour, and were wonderful evenings of generosity and enthusiasm from many who were kind enough to attend and then reach out in appreciation.

Thank you to Max, Radwan, Ian, Becky, and Graham, for the hard work, understanding, perseverence, respect, and generosity.















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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